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What to Expect

Nanaimo veterinary services – delivered with courtesy and respect!

Coming to the Vet can be nerve-racking for both you and your pet. Our patients are all different
shapes and sizes, and each have unique personalities. Some arrive a little scared, and others
immediately make their presence known. No matter your pet’s temperament, our staff will work
with you to ensure the appointment goes smoothly. We do our best to read your pets’ cues.
They might need some encouragement in the form of treats (freeze-dried liver is a popular
choice here) or some really good scratches and belly rubs. Other times it can be better to take a
step back and give them their space.

Once you’ve arrived, our receptionists will check you in and weigh your pet (if possible). Then,
you will be placed into an exam room. In some cases, a Vet Assistant or a Registered Vet Tech
will start off the appointment by asking for your pet’s medical history, current conditions and
the reason for your visit.

Then, your Veterinarian will enter the room and perform a thorough examination of your pet.
The Vet will ask follow-up questions if needed. Getting a comprehensive history from the
owners helps greatly in Vet Medicine as our pet’s cannot speak for themselves. Once the
exam is complete, our Veterinarian may recommend further diagnostics in order to get a
complete picture of your pet’s health. Most testing can be completed in our in-house lab.
Once we have the results, our Veterinarians will discuss a possible diagnosis and treatment
plan if warranted.

This is a great time to ask questions. Our veterinary team wants to make sure you’re
completely comfortable with the information we’re providing.

Once the appointment has wrapped up, you’ll head to our front desk where our reception
team will schedule any follow up appointments (if needed) and process your payment.

Please note: Our goal is to see all our clients and patients on time, and although we have
contingencies for emergencies, there will be times where the unexpected will create delays.
We will ensure these are minimized as much as possible.