What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is the application of light energy to specific areas of your pet’s body, causing a reduction in pain and inflammation, and an acceleration in healing. The light from the laser beam enters your pet’s tissues and causes an increase in the cell’s ability to function. This has many therapeutic benefits for our patients.
Not all laser therapy machines are created equal. Applecross Vet is proud to offer one of Nanaimo’s only class IV veterinary specific therapeutic laser machines. This is the most powerful and effective class of therapeutic laser.

What can it treat?

So many conditions! Basically anything that could benefit from accelerated healing and a reduction in pain and inflammation. Which is a lot of things!
Some of the most commonly treated ailments are:

– Arthritis
– Post-surgical incisions
– Wounds
– Fractures
– Inflammatory conditions

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Our technicians compare the feeling to the warmth from the sun. The hardest part for the pets is staying still during the session. Most of our patients tolerate the laser therapy very well and start to get excited to come in for their sessions as they begin to feel better!

Is it safe?

Absolutely! However, it is a laser beam so we need to ensure that the operator and the patient wear protective goggles. We also need to perform a comprehensive physical exam on your pet before we start laser therapy. Your pet’s condition, skin and fur type, and the location of treatment all factor into the laser machine’s settings. Each pet has their own specific settings and treatment time in order to get the most benefits from the laser.

Our staff are specially trained to operate the laser therapy machine safely and stringent safety protocols are followed.