What exactly is Preventive Care?
Ever heard of the age old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care?”

It’s far easier to prevent something bad from happening, than deal with the consequences after it has happened. That is what preventive care is all about!

What are the steps we can take to ensure your pet is healthy and what can we do to prevent diseases before they become an issue?

Preventive care looks different for each pet, but it starts with a yearly checkup. Our doctors will perform a comprehensive physical examination from nose to tail. Then, our doctors will devise a preventative care plan tailored to your pet. We factor in age, breed, medical history and especially lifestyle. Continued education is of great importance to Applecross, and our Veterinarians are all up to date on the latest in Veterinary medicine and practices.
Depending on the Vet’s recommendations, your pet may require vaccinations, parasite prevention, yearly blood screenings, dental care, diet changes and the list could go on!

It can sound like a lot. We get it.

But trust us, it is much more beneficial for your pet (and not to mention cost-effective for you) to take proper preventative measures than it is to treat illnesses. A simple dental cleaning can turn into a complex dental surgery. A vaccine against a disease versus weeks of hospitalization to treat a disease. A slight increase in kidney values spotted on a yearly blood screen versus full-blown kidney disease. Now you can see why preventive care is so important!

Let us help keep your pets happy and healthy so you can enjoy many more years together!