Nutrition is a fundamental key in every creature living a healthy life. At Applecross Veterinary Hospital, we are passionate about providing the best nutrition and nutritional aides for you and your pet. Just like humans, animals need to have proper nutrition for growth and maintenance and to provide energy for work and vital functions. In our clinic, we carry Hills Prescription Diet®, Healthy Advantage Diet®, select bags of Royal Canin ® diets, and select items from Rayne Clinical Nutrition ® which cater to a variety of conditions. These diets are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and are backed by science to ensure that your pet is only being fed quality ingredients. These diets range from general health to specific conditions such as skin issues, joint and mobility, brain function, urinary issues, allergies, dental issues, weight loss, and much more. Our veterinarians can help you pick a quality food that suits your pet’s needs. If you have a different diet that you prefer, we are more than happy to order these items in for you. If you are unsure as to what food you should be feeding, we do offer nutrition consults where we will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and needs to pick a diet best suited for them. We will then take the weight and measurements of your pet to determine how many calories a day they should be consuming and equate this value to how many cups a day you should be feeding.