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Animal Rehabilitation Services

Animal Therapy

The benefits of physical therapy in human medicine and surgery have been recognized and utilized for decades. The key goals of physical therapy for humans are to restore and maintain/maximize strength, function, movement, and overall well being. With the advancement of animal medicine, we are now able to use these same principles on our pets. Whether your pet is suffering from chronic pain, recovering from surgery, or managing a neurological condition, rehabilitation can greatly increase and help to regain your pet’s quality of life.

Applecross Veterinary Hospital provides a multimodal approach to its rehabilitative practice. Our rehabilitation services are led by Dr. Westworth, who is certified in canine rehab through the University of Tennessee. After your pet’s initial assessment with her, she will tailor a program to help treat your pet’s specific ailment. The rehabilitative staff at Applecross Vet strongly believe that animal rehabilitation is imperative to help heal, strengthen and prevent further injuries in your pet.

What services are provided?

  • Manual Therapy; massage, manipulation, stretching
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Therapeutic Laser
  • Land Treadmill
  • Tailored at-home exercise program
  • Fitting for braces, orthotics and carts

What pets can benefit from rehabilitation?
Your pet would benefit from rehabilitation if ….

  • They’ve had an accident, trauma, or an injury that is limiting movement or causing pain
  • Have had recent surgery
  • ​They are not functioning or performing to the best of their abilities
  • They perform in competitive activities that require strength and endurance
  • They are getting older and have any degenerative changes, such as arthritis
  • They require help with their weight loss goals

Can my pet still benefit from rehabilitation if they are healthy? 
Rehabilitation isn’t necessarily just about managing pain and recovering from injuries. It also includes a proactive approach to fitness and wellness, intended to prevent injury and improve function through exercise, stretching, and other modalities. Think about it like going to the gym- we go to improve our fitness and reduce the likelihood of injuries. The same is possible for our pets.

Looking to begin rehabilitation for your pet?

For clients wishing to begin rehabilitation, click here for our printable Patient Information Form.For a referring veterinarian*, click here for our printable Rehabilitation Referral Form.

*We want you to feel safe referring patients for rehabilitation, so we have made it our policy not to provide medical care that is beyond the spectrum of rehabilitation to any patient referred for rehabilitation.