To our wonderful family of dogs, cats, and people

Veterinarians have long been responsible for animal care and welfare. It has never been more important than right now. Previously, in British Columbia, veterinarians were not listed as an essential service. Our regulatory body has been working hard to make sure that we receive this status so we could continue to serve our patients during this highly charged time. Thankfully, they were successful, and as of March 26th, veterinary medicine has been declared an essential service.

In order for this to have come to pass, we were asked to decrease our transmission risk even further than our already stringent routine. Until further notice, we are no longer seeing patients that do not fall into an urgent care category. This means that all preventive care will be rescheduled to allow for urgent care patients to be seen. It also means that those that have a chronic condition may find they are having their appointments through video conferencing, or over the phone; however, if your animal needs us, we will find a way to make it happen.

For the community’s protection, we are splitting our team into two groups that will run on different weeks. This will mean that we have limited staff on hand at any given time, but if one team falls ill, we will be able to continue serving our community. We have increased our business hours in order to ensure the patients that need us are able to see us. We are now open 7 days a week from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (closed from 12:30 to 1:00 pm each day).

We know this is hard. We understand that this is a frightening time, and we know that this has consequences for our animal population. We have taken this step only in consultation with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the College for Veterinarians of British Columbia, and through conversations with veterinarians on a personal level throughout BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Colorado, Florida, and Alberta. We are a close-knit community, and all of us are working hard to find solutions for the animals we love.


You can help. Stay home.


Please, use our online portal (MyVetStore) to order your food and have it delivered to your house. The link is on our website along with updates on COVID19, a health checker for your pet, and a form to send us if you are desperate for supplies for your pet. We will absolutely make sure you have what you need. Our online portal is designed to keep you safe and allow our team to focus on our sick four-legged friends. 

If you are running low on medications, USE THE SAME FORM on the COVID 19 page on our website. We will do everything we can to get those to you, and we are working to try and get those medications delivered through the same online portal.

DO NOT use online pet pharmacies. They are not run by pharmacists or veterinarians and you run the risk of not getting what your friend needs for their health. MyVetStore is safe. The medications are organized and monitored by our veterinarians. 

If you have an upcoming appointment that is considered non-urgent care, we will be calling or emailing, to reschedule. If you need us, call. Please. No one should be alone in this whether you have four legs or two. 
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Please reach out to us when you need us.

The Team at Applecross Veterinary Hospital